Ear Protection 

What types of hearing protection do we provide? 

At Simply Hearing we provide bespoke custom-made ear protection for: 
Musicians & in-ear monitors 
Leisure (mowing the lawn & hedge trimmers) 
Shooting (clay pigeon shooting) 
Motorcyclists & in-ear monitors 
Swim plugs for adults and children 
Sleep plugs 
Industries using noisy machinery 
Swimming plugs – Safe and comfortable custom fit ear plugs for adults and children to protect water from entering the inner ear and prevent bacteria and irritation from ears. We have a variety of colours to choose from and can include an image imprinted onto the ear plugs. We recommend these plugs for water sports, showering, bathing & grommets. 
Sleeping plugs – Sleep can often be disturbed by a snoring partner or noisy neighbours which leads to sleepless nights. Our custom made ultra-soft silicone ear plugs provide a perfect fit which reduces ambient sounds and are extremely comfortable to wear throughout the night. We recommended these plugs for sleeping, traveling & public transport. 
In-ear communicators for Motorcyclists – Custom fit In-ear communicators allow you to have conversations in comfort while using your motorcycle. 
Shooting plugs – The sound of a gunshot at close range can irreversibly damage your hearing for life. Simply Hearing are a supplier of CENS Proflex Digital custom hearing protection which instantly suppresses harmful gunshot noise. It also allows for conversation and the use of mobile phones without removing your hearing protection. 
Musician plugs – For musicians we supply custom fit ACS PRO series earplugs for those who want to reduce sound to safe levels without impairing hearing quality. The soft silicone earplugs are custom made to fit your ears perfectly, combining a comfortable fit with a perfect seal to prevent sound leakage. Our PRO sound attenuating filters reduce sound to safe levels rather than just blocking it out, and we have seven different filters available to provide you with the most appropriate level of noise reduction. 
In ear monitors for Musicians – We also supply ACS in-ear monitors for musicians, with a variety of products to suit all requirements. They are custom made models made from soft silicone which gives them a perfect comfortable fit. 
Noise industry plugs - All employers have a legal duty to ensure any worker exposed to noise in excess 80dB is offered hearing protection. For noise in excess of 85dB, hearing protection becomes mandatory. We offer a choice of filter depending upon need, that acts to attenuate the noise by varying degrees of frequency. Custom made digital ear moulds can be made to ensure you are working efficiently and not in any harm of your personal safety. We recommend these plugs for noisy building sites, lawnmowers, heavy machine operators & transport industry. 
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