Client Testimonials 

Mr Riyat is an excellent audiologist, he has looked after some of my ENT patients and the feedback from all of these patients has been very positive. I know that he takes time and care with patients and has arranged aids for patients with challenging and difficult to treat hearing losses. He is up to date with the latest technology. I could not recommend him more highly.  
Gerard Kelly, ENT Surgeon 
As an amateur musician, I recently noticed that I had started developing tinnitus in both of my ears. Overtime this started to cause me a lot of stress and concern. After performing research into tinnitus experts, I came across Meharban Riyat, the Clinical Audiologist and Director of Simply Hearing, and I am so glad that I turned to Meharban/Simply Hearing for help with my tinnitus.  
Meharban is outstanding. After an initial phone call with Meharban, I arranged to have a full hearing and tinnitus assessment at Simply Hearing. The welcome I received from Meharban and everyone at Simply Hearing was fantastic and the facilities provided at Simply Hearing are excellent. 
For anyone concerned about their tinnitus and/or hearing, I can not recommend Meharban enough. He not only assessed my hearing and tinnitus, but also gave me excellent and understandable advice on how to manage my tinnitus in my day-to-day life. Meharban is a fantastic Audiologist and always has his patient's best interests at heart. Meharban also advised me on how to maintain healthy hearing in the future, considering I regularly play in brass bands and orchestras. Meharban therefore helped me to purchase a pair of ACS ear plugs designed for musicians, which were specially moulded to fit inside the unique shape of my own ears, by taking impressions of my ears at Simply Hearing. 
I am therefore confident that my hearing will stay healthy for the foreseeable future. Overall, Meharban and Simply Hearing are Simply Fantastic. Thank you! 
Katie L 
Fantastic - I’ve been with Meharban for nearly 4 years now. He is the only person who listened when I complained about not being able to hear due to my Tinnitus.  
He will spend as much time with me as I need to work with me to get relief. He is always available to talk, he is a shoulder to cry on when things get tough, and he really makes you feel special. I have followed Meharban to this practice as I will not be able to find the help support and friendship he offers. 
His place of work is spotless and the kettle is always on. If like me you want a quiet life from Tinnitus contact him you will not be disappointed. 
Julie A G 
Excellent service. Very professional. Managed to get a same day appointment for an irrigation. 
Practitioner explained everything he was going to do. Very pleased especially as I can now hear properly again. 
Dom F 
Called Simply Hearing with an enquiry and was seen within the hour! Welcoming staff and a great facilities. 10/10 would recommend. 
Thomas L 
From start to finish the whole process ran very smoothly. Mr Riyat was very knowledgable and accommodating throughout my Microsuction treatment. Would highly recommend to anyone. 
Vincent D 
Extremely pleased with the service and the great attention to detail shown. I have been able to test different hearing aids over the past few weeks and have never been pressured to come to any decision until I felt absolutely satisfied with that particular model.  
I now feel certain that the aids I have chosen are by far the best for me and feel confident that I will get the best possible after sales attention.  
I have been to three other audiologist in the last ten years and (good as they were) have never met anyone with the same patience and attention to detail in programing shown by Mr.Riyat. 
Brian B 
I received a professional, friendly, gentle, and efficient service to remove stubborn ear wax in both ears. I was offered a same day appointment which was so helpful as I have a flight in a few days, and was very pleased with the result. 
Sharon B 
I first came to ‘Simply Hearing’ under the care of Mr Meharban Riyat, the clinical audiologist in September this year (2020). I wasn’t terribly optimistic that he would be able to help, as I had totally and utterly lost the hearing in my right ear as a result of very necessary brain surgery a year earlier. I had no previous experience of hearing loss or the use of hearing aids but I did know that it must be impossible to amplify nothing. After thorough testing, Mr Riyat confirmed that yes, I had no hearing whatsoever in my right ear and the hearing in my left ear was less than perfect – I am over seventy years old so that was no surprise. All of this confirmed why I was struggling to hear, especially in meetings or busy social occasions. 
My confidence was at an all time low and I had begun to avoid situations. There is nothing worse than sitting with a group of friends who are all in animated conversation, when you haven’t a cluewhat is going on. 
Mr Riyat was entirely positive from the start, reassuring me that I could be helped and that all was not lost. He recommended a CROS hearing aid which, almost magically to me, would wirelessly transfer sound from my right ear to a hearing aid on my left ear. Within two weeks, I was given the opportunity to trial these gems of technology for a month. I could not believe the difference they immediately made to me. It felt odd at first to hear background sounds that clearly I hadn’t heard for ages and even more odd that my daughter could whisper a message in my deaf ear, which I could hear clearly in my other ear. 
It has taken no time at all to get used to these aids. They are comfortable – I’m hardly aware that they are in position. I wear them every single day, whether or not I’m going out. I only remove them for swimming, showering and overnight when I recharge them. Gradually I am, as with a new car, learning all the extra things that the aids can do – there is, for example, an anti-echo control for when I take my grandchildren for their swimming lessons. My confidence is returning and social situations are no problem to me. Other people only need to know I have hearing aids if I choose to tell them. They certainly can’t see them. 
My comfort is that coming to ‘Simply Hearing’ for help, I now have a team who are there to help and support me with any problem I may have with the aids for at least the next five years, free of charge. 
Looking back over the whole experience, I just think why ever didn’t I get the help sooner – but then 2020 has been such a strange year. For me, the biggest success of the year has been the return of my hearing. 
Diana S 
I noticed a problem with my balance and loss of hearing on one side about 18 months ago. Simply Hearing made me an appointment quickly. I had a very thorough hearing test which found no hearing at all in one of my ears. 
Mr Riyat wrote to my GP and they referred me to hospital. A scan revealed an acoustic neuroma. This is a benign brain tumour which had caused deafness and my balance problems. 
I had the acoustic neuroma removed surgically and spent the next few months recovering and improving my balance. 
I contacted Mr Riyat again recently to discuss my hearing aid options. He kindly took time to talk to me and explain my choices, for which I was grateful.  
I have no hesitation in recommending Mr Riyat’s services to all who have problems with hearing. 
Susan B 
Meharban takes time to listen, and to understand your hearing problems and concerns, then after a thorough consultation will recommend the most suitable hearing aids. He is not tied to any manufacturer so he can truly recommend what is best.  
He is very patient, friendly and approachable. He is also very technically aware and highly skilled at programming your hearing aids to get the best result possible. You will not find a better, more knowledgeable, audiologist anywhere, and I have no hesitation in recommending him 100%. 
John S 
Brilliant service. I was able to get a next day appointment at Simply Hearing for wax removal as I was due to go on holiday. Meharban was very professional and took great care. I would highly recommend to anyone. 
Brian G 
I visited Mr Riyat for the first time yesterday - what an amazing and professional Audiologist he is. He is very personable and I felt totally at ease with him. I did not feel rushed - he explained everything very clearly to me - he showed me both my ears on his computer which I found so helpful.  
I had wax in one ear which has now gone thanks to the painless procedure he carried out - the hissing has gone and I can hear again! Thank you so much. I would highly recommend Mr Riyat - trust me - you will not be disappointed! 
Hillary W 
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